Tucker's Onion Burgers

The Story

The humble beginnings of the Oklahoma Onion Burger lie in economic necessity. In the 1920s, a smattering of cafes in Western Oklahoma sought ways to stretch beef further in their menu offerings. Cooks found that ground beef pressed with a pile of thinly shredded onions not only tasted good but helped cafes stay profitable as the Great Depression loomed. Soon, diners and cafes all over Oklahoma were serving fried onion burgers, and they have been a staple ever since.

The Onion Burger capital of the world is nearby El Reno, OK, where three famous diners inhabit a three block radius--serving delicious fried Onion Burgers to throngs of eager patrons. Every May a festival is held in honor of the onion burger, and a team of volunteers produce an 800 pound Onion Burger for festival goers.

The Oklahoma Onion Burger has achieved cult status, and we are proud to have it as the star of Tucker’s Onion Burgers.