Tucker's Onion Burgers

The Restaurant

Tuckers Onion Burgers

Tucker’s Onion Burgers is Oklahoma's first premium Onion Burger restaurant. In a casual, vintage modern setting customers can enjoy delicious, authentic Oklahoma Onion Burgers made from only the freshest ingredients.

We believe in using the finest quality ingredients to produce the finest quality food. Our fresh premium ground beef is ethically produced by regional growers. The potatoes for our fries are carefully selected each week based on variety, availability and quality. Every morning bushels of potatoes are hand cut, blanched, and prepared to be perfectly fried in 100% pure, trans-fat free peanut oil.  Our hand-dipped shakes are prepared the old-fashioned way and served up rich and creamy.  Tucker’s thirst quenching lemonade and strawberry limeade is made daily from the finest lemons and limes.

Don’t eat beef? We have all-natural turkey burgers for your enjoyment and even a vegetarian friendly salad for those so inclined.

Fly solo at the window bar with a cold beer, or hang out on our patio with your dog. If Rover gets thirsty, he’s welcome to the dog watering station.  I bet he’d like a Burger, too, if you ask! Just make his without onions because they're toxic to dogs. 

Thinking Green

From the moment we began work on Tucker’s Onion Burgers we were mindful of ways to open our restaurant with a low environmental impact. The dilapidated structure was rehabilitated with features to reduce water and energy consumption. Furnishings and building materials were reviewed with scrutiny. Our disposable items are recyclable, compostable and/or designed for reuse. The premium ingredients at Tucker’s Onion Burgers are sourced within a 300 mile radius.