Tucker's Onion Burgers

Refill the Community

We're committed to giving back to the community. So every year we choose one of our local Tucker's neighborhood schools and donate a portion back to them. It's our Refill the Community program. You can participate by getting 99¢ refills on your pre-purchased Tucker's cup, and we'll give 50¢ of every refill back to our neighborhood school.

Wilson Elementary

Thanks For Helping Us Give Back

Since opening Tucker's Onion Burgers we have donated over $5,000 to local schools, organizations and charities.  After the devestation from the May 20 tornado, we suspended the current participating schools to redirect Refill the Community dollars to the affected schools in Moore, OK, for one year. 

Our Refill The Community Neighborhood Schools:

Nichols Hills Elementary through May 2016:: Classen Curve Location
Wilson Elementary through May 2016:: 23rd Location
Deer Creek Intermediate through May 2016:: Quail Location 


Thanks for helping us give back by eating local and being a Tucker's fan!